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Quality teaching and leadership

Quality teaching and learning at our school.

What it is

  • Quality Teachers are able to create Quality Learning Environments where the Significance of the learning is great and the Intellectual Quality is high.
  • School principals and other school leaders play a critical role in supporting and fostering quality teaching through coaching and mentoring teachers to find the best ways to facilitate learning, and by promoting a culture of high expectations in schools.

Why we use it

  • Teachers and leaders who work in schools and educate young people are of fundamental importance to achieving the educational goals for students.
  • Excellent teachers have the capacity to transform the lives of students and to inspire and nurture their development as learners, individuals and citizens.
  • School leaders are responsible for creating and sustaining the learning environment and the conditions under which quality teaching and learning take place.

How we do it

  • Quality Teaching Rounds involving self and peer to peer programming, reflection and feedback.
  • Coaching and mentoring programs for teachers and executive.
  • Collaborative planning
  • Networking and sharing of resources within the North Harbour Learning Community.
  • Targeted professional development