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Shaping creative life long learners

At our school we believe in shaping creative life long learners.

What it is

  • Life long learners are creative, innovative and resourceful. They are able to able to solve problems in ways that draw upon a range of learning areas and disciplines.
  • Life long learning places students on the path for continued success in their education and future endeavours. Students acquire the skills to make informed learning decisions throughout their lives and remain motivated to reach their full potential.

Why we use it

  • Students of today face a future that is constantly evolving and changing. Our task is to develop their capacity to play an active role in their own learning.
  • Students need to be able to think deeply and logically. They need to obtain and evaluate evidence in a disciplined way to engage in our modern world. They need to be flexible, creative and cope easily with a diversity of work, study and life situations.
  • In the future our students will engage in local and global communities and make decisions based upon evidence and possibilities. They will be expected to work in innovative and creative ways as members of active teams that value collaboration and problem based learning.

How we do it

  • Problem Based Learning
  • STEM Education
  • A diverse range of extra-curricular Clubs
  • Dance Program
  • Drama Program
  • Music Program
  • Visual Arts Program
  • Chatzfest
  • High School transition programs and collaborative projects