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Music fees

Music program fees are included on the School Invoice. Semester One (Term 1 and 2) fees are invoiced in term 1 and are due by week 9 of term 1 and Semester Two (Term 3 and 4) fees are invoiced in term 3 and due by week 9 term 3.

Fee types

There are several fee types applied to the music program:

Ensemble fees

Ensemble fees are used to pay for music, copyright licenses, entry fees, Directors’ fees, Accompanists’ fees, and other associated costs.

Instrument hire fees are used to pay for service and repairs to instruments and cases. Senior and Junior Ensembles are charged differently.

  • Senior Instrument Ensembles are Advanced Recorder Consort, Chamber String Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, String Group and String Quintet. 
  • Junior Instrument Ensembles are Recorder Ensemble, Stepping Stones, Training Band and Wagon Wheels and are charged a smaller fee as their music is less expensive and they have fewer performances. 

Other costs, like bus fares, are payable for events. 

Only one ensemble fee is charged per semester, no matter how many ensembles a student belongs to.

Hire fees

Hire fees are used for service, repair and sometimes replacement of instruments.

A yearly non-refundable registration fee is payable by all students who learn an instrument through our program.

Choir fees

Choir fees are also charged twice a year through the school invoice. Choristers pay fees for any music and/or CDs issued and costs for any external rehearsals or performances.

Instrument lesson fees

Instrument lesson fees are invoiced every term by the Instrument Tutors and are payable directly to the Tutors.


The fees in 2019 are:

  • Senior Instrument Ensemble $230 per semester
  • Junior Instrument Ensemble $200 per semester
  • Instrument hire $120 per semester, including insurance
  • Recorder and Glockenspiel Hire $25 per semester
  • Instrument Lessons
    • Large Group Recorder $16 per 20 minute lesson
    • Small Group Recorder $22 per 20 minute lesson
    • All other individual instrument lessons $43 per half hour lesson
  • Choir Participation varies according to the choir - approximately $20
  • Music Camp Fees to be decided.

Performance and excursion costs will be charged as they occur and will be notified to parents via the excursion information packs. Music Camp fees are invoiced in term 3 and due for payment by week 9 of term 3.

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