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Collaborative Teaching Practice & Innovative Learning Environments


What is co-teaching?

Co-teaching involves two or more teachers working together — sharing the planning, organisation, delivery, and assessment of instruction, as well as physical spaces.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of co-teaching are both numerous and far-reaching, including improved differentiation, more holistic and integrated assessment, richer continuous professional learning, increased teacher and learner wellbeing, and improved pro-social skills in the learning environment. 


What skills will learners develop?

Students will develop skills such as, but not limited to, collaboration, cooperation, resilience, autonomy, and self-directed learning. 


How do innovative learning environments work?

Effective learning spaces:

  • are mobile, flexible, varied, and connected

  • provide students with a choice in where and how they learn

  • can be adapted to accommodate learning modes and technology

  • support opportunities for students to learn independently and in small and large groups

  • support collaborative learning and teaching for students and teachers.


Co-Teaching Cycle

The co-teaching cycle (image below) is the process that co-teachers participate in to collaborate effectively.