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Green Thumb Club

Enhancing the learning experiences of our students outside the classroom is a goal that we have at Chatswood Public School. Green Thumb Club was established on our school grounds to enable students access to an organic gardening experience.

The Green Thumb Club equips students with the knowledge and confidence to sustainably grow fresh food as they work together as a team eagerly going about their carefully assigned roles. It is where our students can go to get their hands dirty and experience the satisfaction and excitement of harvesting and pulling out fresh produce such as silverbeet, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, climbing beans, strawberries and tomatoes.

Guided by our very knowledgeable and successful school gardener Chris, the students are constantly amazed at the produce resulting from their attention and care. This amazing experience supports their love and passion for gardening, some even continue it at home with their families.


     The joy of harvest!