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Multi-categorical class

The Multi-Caltegorical Class (K-6MC) within Chatswood Public School offers a small group size of up to 9 students with a range of impairments, a soundproofed classroom, a trained teacher and a school  learning support officer (teachers’ aide).

The development of spoken communication takes place throughout the day and regular target lessons with follow-up at home.

Individual learning needs are catered for through personalised education plans.

Integration is an important part of the support class  students’  schooling.  Integration gives students from the support class the opportunity to mix with other students in the school by joining lessons with a mainstream class e.g. visual arts, sport.  Other  Key Learning Areas are targeted for integration depending upon each student's needs and areas of giftedness.

Chatswood Public School has easy access to public transport and if students meet the eligibility criteria special transport is available to students with disabilities accessing the support class.